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Tattoo Removal

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Why do people permanently stamp their body when they wouldn’t think to put a sticker on their $50,000 car?

Tattoos are an ancient art form of self expression; one that is still carried out to this day. But there are those times when a person realizes the statement they once permanently marked on their body, needs to go.

Few people really understand how a tattoo is permanently marked into the skin of the body, and so, even fewer will understand how it is removed. There are several ways in which it can be removed:

  • Dermabrasion
  • Surgery
  • Laser

Today, the preferred method is the laser. But even with the laser, it is often not clearly understood how they work, and which one is going to provide better results. And yes, there are several types of lasers being used for tattoo removal.

  • Q-switched laser
  • CO2 laser

Laser removals are directed at the ink in the skin to heat it, causing the ink to fragment into particles. Through a natural occurring process of the body’s immune system, these particles are filtered out of the body.

Which laser is going to do the job, and leave little to no scarring?

Word has it that the Q-switched laser is the best laser to date, to give the results all clients are looking for, because it works by vaporizing the water molecules in the skin.

Here in the Tampa Bay area, Laser Spa of Tampa Bay, at 1219 E Tarpon Ave.  in Tarpon Springs, has produced some of the finest results in the area. They are more than accommodating to answer all your tattoo removal questions: 727.934.4477.

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