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The Best Sunblock for Your Skin

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Skin damage is no joke. Sunblock is the only answer. Especially when it is caused by the sun. UVA and UVB rays can be detrimental to the way your skin ages. Exposed areas like our hands, face and chest often take the brunt of the damage. Over years of sun exposure, you may start to see changes to your skin like sunspots, wrinkles or discoloration. These changes can be dangerous!

What is a sun spot?

Sun spots aren’t necessarily dangerous but they’re not attractive. Unlike freckles, sun spots can occur on any type of skin that is exposed to UV rays. Sun spots are more like age spots, where they come in over time and are typically found on the hands and face rather than the rest of the body.

At LaserSpa of Tampa Bay, we use professional lasers that can only be used by qualified personnel. Depending on your initial consultation, we may recommend an anti-aging skin treatment with lasers, or a combination of many of our skin treatments.

Most of our treatments require sun avoidance, which is why we recommend what we carry at our location. For the best sunblock, try SkinCeuticals UV Defense SPF 30 on your face and hands.

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