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7 celebs who had name tattoos removed

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Many people have broken the “first commandment of getting inked,” which is to say never ever ever get someone’s name permanently inked anywhere on your body. It’s often a big mistake, leading to breakups and sometimes even laser tattoo removal.

You don’t have to be famous to make mistakes like name tattoos. Avoid the taboo and tattoo or you just may end up regretting your choice of ink.

1. Angelina Jolie replaced Billy Bob Thornton with coordinates where her children were born.

angelina jolie tattoo

wikipedia commons

2. Melanie Griffith erased Antonio (Banderas) from her heart.

melanie griffith tattoo
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3. Johnny Depp  and Winona Forever or not.

johnny depp winona ryder tattoo
wikipedia commons

4. Heidi Klum washed Seal right off her right forearm.

heidi klum
wikipedia commons

5. Marc Anthony chose to cover up his tattoo for Jennifer Lopez.

marc anthony
wikipedia commons

6. Denise Richards said “Goodbye Charlie” Sheen.

denise richards charlie sheen tattoo
wikipedia commons

7. Kat Von D got a portrait of Jesse James as a child and then immediately thought otherwise.

kat von d
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Who’s your favorite celeb from this list? What are some of  your favorite name tattoos? Tell us in the comments.

The Two-Week Tattoo?

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Have you heard the buzz about this new ink technique that lasts only two weeks? It’s called inkbox. Invented by two brothers, this kit gives us a mock tattoo until the stain disappears.

That’s right, it’s a stain and it’s made from fruit so it’s organic (bonus). The Canadian brothers, Braden and Tyler Handley are onto something. Temporary tattoos have been around for ages in henna form and even Cleopatra dabbled in permanent makeup. Suffice to say this isn’t a new invention, but it is something that’s turning heads.

While ordinary tattoos actually stain the second layer of skin or Dermis, an inkbox tattoo only stains the first layer of skin or Epidermis. So, after several showers the tattoo naturally fades through the exfoliation process. You can literally have an arrow pattern one day and a star tattoo the next.

It comes in black only so options are a bit limited. Formula 2 is currently being funded, but once in production the kit is extremely affordable at roughly $20 a design.

For those who are a bit gun shy – and we don’t blame you, we’re in the business of removing bad tattoos this may be an option to satisfy your ink cravings.

Do tattoo removal creams actually work?

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The short answer is no. Even worse, the FDA warns that these products can actually cause irreparable damage to your skin. Our clients are always looking for the most effective and affordable way to remove unwanted tattoos, and at $35 and up for a one-month of skin bleaching lotion the cost of laser tattoo removal is less than the cost of these ineffective creams that are marketed as tattoo removal kits.

What types of tattoo removal creams are out there?

Here are a few brand names of recognizable tattoo removal systems:

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal & Fade Systemtattoo removal creams$35.99

Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System tattoo removal creams$68.81

Tattoo Removal Cream 3 Step Action: Profade tattoo removal creams$69.95

But after months of application after repeat application, do the products actually work in three easy steps as they claim? No. It’s impossible to remove tattoo ink at the second layer of skin with just a magic potion. These creams cannot penetrate beyond the first layer of skin – leaving behind a streaky look from small changes in your skin’s penetration. There is no way these creams can actually destroy the ink where it is located.

What say the FDA?

The FDA also regulates and approves laser hair removal for consumers. According to the FDA, just one laser treatment is not enough and some tattoos may require six to ten treatments. As technology improves, however, these treatments are fewer and farther between.

At LaserSpa of Tampa Bay, we utilize a combination of lasers, including the latest PicoSure Laser tattoo removal technology, to develop the right removal plan for you. Check out this CBS News video all about PicoSure and how is fast becoming the quickest option for tattoo removal.

Step-by-Step Laser Tattoo Removal

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Considering having your tattoo removed, but you’re unsure exactly how it’s done? With all the latest advances in laser technology, it’s important to consider all of your options and to pick a technician who can remove it quickly with as few treatments as possible. That’s why we’re excited to offer two types of lasers that target specific ink colors and skin types.

Most laser tattoo removal technician in the Tampa Bay area use a Q-switch laser – and we offer that too – but no one else also uses the PicoSure Cynosure laser.

PicoSure laser tattoo removal blasts unwanted ink away in fewer treatments and with less damage to the skin. To help explain how PicoSure works, we put together this handy infographic.

laser tattoo removal how to

Send us your tattoo pictures today and we’ll put together a treatment plan that’s just right for you.

Reality TV star using PicoSure® laser tattoo removal

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“Adrienne Bailon Is ‘Excited’ to Remove Her Rob Kardashian Tattoo”

7-15-14 EXTRA: featuring PicoSure® laser tattoo removal with reality TV star and talk show host, Adrienne Bailon. Adrienne has turned to Dr. Jeremy Brauer of Laser Skin & Surgery Center to be treated with the PicoSure laser after previous laser treatments have failed to clear her infamous “Rob Kardashian” tattoo.

Adrienne Bailon is quoted within the segment:

“What I love about the PicoSure Laser is that it can work on people who already attempted to remove their tattoos and it hasn’t worked before… I’m excited to see how this works. I know it won’t be completely gone in one session, but that there will be a drastic change.”

Check out the entire segment and full write-up on EXTRA’s website here:

Optimal Tattoo Removal R20 Laser

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Optimal tattoo removal in a single laser session based on the method of repeated exposures.

Kossida T, Rigopoulos D, Katsambas A, Anderson RR.


1st Department of Dermatology, Andreas Sygros Hospital, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece.



Unwanted tattoos are treated with Q-switched lasers. Despite a series of treatments, efficacy is limited.


We compared a single Q-switched laser treatment pass with 4 treatment passes separated by 20 minutes.


Eighteen tattoos on 12 adults were divided in half and randomized. One half received a single treatment pass (the “conventional” method) with a Q-switched alexandrite laser (5.5 J/cm(2), 755 nm, 100-nanosecond pulse duration, 3-mm spot size), and the other half received 4 treatment passes with an interval of 20 minutes between passes (the “R20” method). Tattoo lightening was compared 3 months later, by blinded evaluation of photographs. Biopsy specimens obtained before and immediately after treatment on both halves were also compared in blinded fashion.


Immediate whitening reaction occurred on the first treatment pass, with little or no whitening on subsequent passes. Three months later, treatment with the R20 method was much more effective than conventional single-pass laser treatment (P <.01; all tattoos favored the R20 method). Despite greater epidermal injury with the R20 method, neither method caused adverse events or scarring. Light microscopy showed greater dispersion of tattoo ink with the R20 method.


This prospective study involved a small number of subjects.


The R20 method is much more effective than conventional laser tattoo treatment, removing most tattoos in a single treatment session. New laser device technology is not required to practice this method.

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