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The Two-Week Tattoo?

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Have you heard the buzz about this new ink technique that lasts only two weeks? It’s called inkbox. Invented by two brothers, this kit gives us a mock tattoo until the stain disappears.

That’s right, it’s a stain and it’s made from fruit so it’s organic (bonus). The Canadian brothers, Braden and Tyler Handley are onto something. Temporary tattoos have been around for ages in henna form and even Cleopatra dabbled in permanent makeup. Suffice to say this isn’t a new invention, but it is something that’s turning heads.

While ordinary tattoos actually stain the second layer of skin or Dermis, an inkbox tattoo only stains the first layer of skin or Epidermis. So, after several showers the tattoo naturally fades through the exfoliation process. You can literally have an arrow pattern one day and a star tattoo the next.

It comes in black only so options are a bit limited. Formula 2 is currently being funded, but once in production the kit is extremely affordable at roughly $20 a design.

For those who are a bit gun shy – and we don’t blame you, we’re in the business of removing bad tattoos this may be an option to satisfy your ink cravings.

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