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What is it like to have a chemical peel?

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I had hormonal discoloration along my jaw line. It seriously looked like I didn’t know how to blend concealer. After a 4-day beach vacation, I noticed that the “mask” had darkened no thanks to all the time spent in the sun. My skin was a mess of patchy dark spots.

I went to LaserSpa of Tampa Bay for my usual laser hair removal and Meredee DeLuca, medical aesthetician, convinced me that something had to be done about my face. We had talked briefly about a chemical peel before, but the recent sun damage needed attention and quick.

The peel itself was delightful. It burns a bit, but there’s a fan to help keep you cool. Meredee was very knowledgeable about my skin type (light medium, combination skin) and the hormonal damage. She warned me that an aggressive peel might make the hormonal patchiness worse so to avoid that she started with a less-aggressive peel to slowly reveal new skin beneath.

Right after the chemical peel, my skin felt rough and there was obvious peeling happening around my jaw line and forehead – the most prominent damage areas. There were days it did look worse than I did before the facial, but those feelings quickly dissolved once I started to see the new skin come to the surface.

Meredee strictly warned me to use at least a SPF 30 on my face and to also start using a Retinol cream. She recommended the starting a Retinol immediately and stick to the following brands for the best results: Skinceuticals, RoC and Neutrogena.

I chose the Neutrogena product because it was easy to find at my grocery store. The benefits of using a Retinol are astounding. My new skin regime keeps me acne-free, dry skin free, oily skin free and healthy looking. My skin hasn’t looked like this since I was in my early 20s and I couldn’t have done it without Meredee and LaserSpa of Tampa Bay.I’ll definitely go back for another peel soon, and I’ll never go a day without sunblock and Retinol A.

Give Meredee a call today at (727) 934-4477 and book a peel. It’s the most affordable thing you can do for yourself that gives you results in just a few days.

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