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7 celebs who had name tattoos removed

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Many people have broken the “first commandment of getting inked,” which is to say never ever ever get someone’s name permanently inked anywhere on your body. It’s often a big mistake, leading to breakups and sometimes even laser tattoo removal.

You don’t have to be famous to make mistakes like name tattoos. Avoid the taboo and tattoo or you just may end up regretting your choice of ink.

1. Angelina Jolie replaced Billy Bob Thornton with coordinates where her children were born.

angelina jolie tattoo

wikipedia commons

2. Melanie Griffith erased Antonio (Banderas) from her heart.

melanie griffith tattoo
wikipedia commons

3. Johnny Depp  and Winona Forever or not.

johnny depp winona ryder tattoo
wikipedia commons

4. Heidi Klum washed Seal right off her right forearm.

heidi klum
wikipedia commons

5. Marc Anthony chose to cover up his tattoo for Jennifer Lopez.

marc anthony
wikipedia commons

6. Denise Richards said “Goodbye Charlie” Sheen.

denise richards charlie sheen tattoo
wikipedia commons

7. Kat Von D got a portrait of Jesse James as a child and then immediately thought otherwise.

kat von d
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Who’s your favorite celeb from this list? What are some of  your favorite name tattoos? Tell us in the comments.

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