The DermaLaserTM is a low-level laser (LLLT). This laser works in the non ablative 405nm Violet light spectrum. This spectrum of light works for acne by killing the bacteria P. Acnes (Propionibacterium) that causes acne. Unlike current acne-laser treatments, the DermaLaserTM is not high density, or hot, so it has been shown not to irritate or adversely affect the skin cells as it cleanses the pores. The DermaLaserTM isolates and targets the acne-causing bacteria itself, not the skin, so it treats the cause of acne at its root. The DermaLaserTM by Erchonia has received FDA approval for the treatment of acne.

Results May Vary

Up until now, people with acne have had to rely on strong antibiotic treatments, topical ointments or hot lasers.

The treatment works best if used with red visible light (636 nm) that has been shown to result in a 76% reduction of lesions after 3 months of daily treatment for 80% of the patients.

The DermaLaserTM Acne treatment offers a safe, effective, and non-toxic option to standard medical protocols that prescribe high-risk drugs like Acutane, and hot lasers. During your skin care consultation our staff will help you determine your best and most effective treatment options.


Results May Vary

In most patients the treatment has been shown to be painless and leaves should leave no residual irritation, redness or swelling. The general protocol is six minutes of DermaLaserTM applied to the three major regions on the face, which include areas of the forehead and both cheek areas. Smaller areas such as the nose, chin or temple each require three minutes of treatment. Patients should have at least two sessions a week for approximately six weeks to obtain results. Our doctor may suggest a third treatment per week for the first 6 weeks if the case is severe. Positive results typically become apparent by the third week of treatment or less! Results may vary.


Our doctor and clinical aesthetician will provide the best solutions for your continued skin care. Maintaining your regimen of care will help you keep the results that you have worked so hard for.

Palomar Lux V

By using the Palomar Lux V, patients can target and destroy the bacteria responsible for acne, preventing future breakouts.

Chemical Peels

The application of certain chemical peels in conjunction with laser treatments is also used to treat acne. During your initial consultation these treatment options will be discussed and the most suitable course of treatment recommended to suit each individual’s specific skin care needs.

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