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We offer the finest anti-aging, acne, and cellulite treatment products and cosmetic services that enhance your look and help you feel your best. In our warm and inviting setting, you will find the most qualified staff ready to serve your needs. Whether you’re interested in injectables like Botox or laser skin therapies to improve your appearance, LaserSpa of Tampa Bay offers many effective and affordable treatment plans.

STEP 1: Mineral Foundation

A healthy foundation for a flawless face.

You won’t believe the difference our mineral foundations will make in how your skin feels and looks. We’ve added algae extracts to help prevent moisture loss and protect against damage from UV Radiation.

We never formulate with oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens or fragrance, so even the most sensitive skin will feel and look fabulous. Ultra water-resistant and formulated for a comfy, all day wear; your skin will breathe, and be absolutely breathtaking.

Works best with: Foundation Brush, Chisel Powder Brush, The Handi Brush

Mineral Foundation Loose Powder Mineral Foundation Pressed Powder
Amazing Base®
Loose Mineral Powders – SPF 20
Mineral Powders – SPF 20
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Liquid Mineral Foundation Tinted moisturizer
Liquid Minerals™ Dream Tint® SPF 15
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Oil Control Primer Dry sunscreen
Absence® Oil Control Primer
SPF 15
Powder-Me SPF™ Dry Sunscreen
SPF 30
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Color me happy: Because our mineral foundations interact with light in a way that adjusts to your own skin tone, our mineral makeup is more forgiving than other cosmetics. Many of our shades are universally flattering, but it’s worth taking the time to find your most complimentary match.

STEP 2: Concealers

Why conceal a problem when you can do something about it?

Covering up the problem will do wonders for your confidence, but taking care of the problem is better for your skin’s health. Because our mineral formulations disturb the way light interacts with skin, our concealers offer unsurpassed coverage, while beneficial botanicals address and correct both temporary imperfections (under eye circles, blemishes,) and longstanding skin concerns like rosacea or hyperpigmentation. Feather-light textures and flattering shades mean you’ll be revealing instead of just concealing in no time at all.

Works best with: Camouflage Brush, Foundation Brush

Active light Circle Delete
Under-Eye Concealer
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Enlighte Concealer disappear concealer
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Corrective Color Zap Hide Blemish Concealer
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